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Ian Ó'Murchú is a Dublin based Shaman who is under the tutelage of beings who collectively call themselves 'spirit'. Although he himself believes them to most likely be the results of his own brain adopting anthropomorphic qualities rather than being living entities. That his brain is simply doing some things that normally only happen in dreams. He has mastered this.

His abilities of a medium nature are vast, and range from clairvoyance, astral travel, unceasing clairaudience, unceasing paranormal clairsentience, clairalience, some clairempathy, claircognizance, colour synesthesia, dream control, dimensional awareness, psychometry, pre-cognition, and a kundalini energy he feels that surges into divine feelings. All of these powers could also collectively be described as "Divine Symbiosis".


With no strong ties to any religious movements in history, Ian has gained a deep understanding of spirit via possessing a clear and somewhat uninfluenced mind. What spirit with him call a "thawed mind".

Untrained and unprepared when his abilities manifested Ian has suffered and endured hell coupled with mental health problems alone for two years, most of which involved an absence of medication. He found a way out and nobody told him how. He did it for everyone who ends up like him.


He did it because he saw a world in confusion and darkness where these powers and religion are concerned, with potential heroes everywhere dying or going mad, and a world were psychiatric doctors are both compromised with the amount and the extent of resources that they have available, while also lacking in first hand experience. Lacking insight.

Over time his personal demons were purged through 4 months of medication followed by spirit returning 4 months later and working with Ian. As time went on he slowly realized spirit with him to be as they truly are. Friendly by nature, loyal, and a lot like him. And possibly not real. In other words not really experiencing lives of their own.

Ian has learned to live with approximately 40,000 hallucinatory messages a day in total with the combined abilities of clairvoyant visions, clairaudient voices and clairsentient physical sensations. That's 45 spiritual messages a minute in total split about equally all the time. He has also gained the ability to decrease this willingly, and he has trained himself to tune out.

Ian is currently training to become a psychiatric therapist for people with mental health problems under the care of the Irish Mental Health Services.

He also trains with the Spiritualist Union of Ireland. A group of mediums who hone their abilities and share their wisdom together.

He also counsels struggling mediums and people having relationship problems on a forum website called the Tree of Awakening under the name The Cat in the Garden free of charge.

It is his goal to help those who struggle with mental illness, mediumship and understanding the spiritual and the paranormal.

Contact Ian by phone or email to arrange a session in his home in Walkinstown, Dublin or an environment of your choosing.


  • Psychic and Mediumship Reading

  • Psychic and Mediumship Training

  • Co-writing and co-performing music with spirit for clairsentients, clairaudients, visual clairvoyants, and people who feel powerful surges of emotions coming over them

  • Counselling and Therapy for Psychics and Mediums

  • Counselling and Therapy with the assistance of Spirit

  • Mental Illness Counselling and Therapy

  • Mental Illness Legal and Circumstantial Counselling

  • Teachings on Demons and the Demonic

  • Teachings on Demonic Resistance

  • Teachings on Outsmarting Demons

  • Breaking and Reversing Demonic Control

  • Teachings on Sleeping while Hallucinating

  • Demonic Warfare

  • Teachings on Benefiting from Hallucinations

  • Demon to Angel Transmutation

  • Exorcism (not like in the movie)

  • Healing and Grounding Guidance and Practices


€15 per 1 hour session

€20 per 90 minute session

€25 per 2 hour session

Will not waste the time and resources of unwell people. Will not exploit you like most "spiritual people" would with any of the following:

  • Angel cards that everyone relates to being pulled at random

  • Past life regression

  • Numerology

Additional 75 cents per km traveled to and from anywhere in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland to meet Ian at a place of your choosing.


Pound Sterling accepted for trips to Northern Ireland. Standard exchange rates apply.


085 232 7321


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